Aircraft Power Systems


Project: More Electric Aircraft

Design Specifications:

Input: Three phase with 235Vrms, 400Hz

Power Level: 5kW/10kW (Continuous/Peak)

Highlights: High Efficiency(>98% at 5kW), High PF(0.999 at 5kW), Low THD(<4% at 5kW), easily plug EMI stage, and compact packaging.

To replace the traditional transformer rectifier units, we designed an actively controlled regulated transformer rectifier unit (RTRU) to remove the bulky and heavy low-frequency transformer. The front end 5kW/10kW continuous/peak power three-phase boost PFC prototype is controlled with DSP-based digital control platform. The experimental result shows that this unit has an input power factor of 0.999 while the efficiency is 98% at 5kW with the three-phase input of 235Vrms/400Hz.

We also analyzed the EMI performance of the front-end PFC stage and designed the EMI module stage which can be easily packaged.

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